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The liver is an organ approximately overover the counter of a soccer. It sits simply under your rib cage on the proper aspect of your abdomen. The liver is essential for digesting food and ridding your body of poisonous substances.

Liver disease can be inherited (genetic). Liver problems can also be as a result of a variety of factors that harm over the counter liver, which include viruses, alcohol use and obesity.

over-the-counter yearsconditions that damage over the counter liver can cause scarring (cirrhosis), which can cause liver failure, a existence-threatening conditionbut early remedy may also deliver over-the-counter liver time to heal.


Liver disorder does not usually reason substantive signs and symptoms. If signs and symptoms and signs and symptoms of liver sickness do occurover-the-countery willover the counter include:

–  pores and skin and eyes that seem yellowish (jaundice)
– abdominal ache and swelling
– Swelling over-the-counterover the counter legs and ankles
– Itchy pores and skin
– dark urine shade
– light stool shade
– chronic fatigue
– Nausea or vomiting
– loss of urge for food
– Tendency to bruise easily

whilst to peer a health practitioner

Make an appointment over-the-counterr with your medical doctor if you have any chronic signs and symptoms or signs and symptoms that worry you. searching for on overover the counter scientific attention if you have stomach pain that is so excessive which you can not live still.


Liver ailment has many causes.


Parasites and viruses can infect over-the-counter liver, causing irritation that reduces liver feature. The viruses that motive liver harm may be spread thru blood or semen, contaminated meals or water, or near contact with someone who’s infected. The most common varieties of liver contamination are hepatitis viruses, such as:
-Hepatitis A
-Hepatitis B
-Hepatitis C

Immune device abnormality

diseases wherein your immune device assaults sure elements of your frame (autoimmune) can affect your liver. Examples of autoimmune liver diseases encompass:
-Autoimmune hepatitis
-number one biliary cholangitis
-number one sclerosing cholangitis


An extraordinary gene inherited from one or each of your mooverover the counter can purpose numerous materials to build up for your liver, resulting in liver damage. Genetic liver illnesses consist of:
-Wilson’s ailment
-Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency

Most Cancers And Different Growths

Examples include:
-Liver most cancers
-Bile duct cancer
-Liver adenoma


additionalcommon causes of liver ailment encompass:
– persistent alcohol abuse
– fat accumulation over-the-counter liver (nonalcoholic fatty liver disorder)
– positive prescription 
– certain herbal compounds

Risk Factors

factors which can boom your threat of liver disorder include:
– Heavy alcohol use
– weight problems
– type 2 diabetes
– Tattoos or frame piercings
– Injecting pills over-the-counterover the counter shared needles
– Blood transfusion earlier than 1992
– exposure to other human beings‘s blood and body fluids
– Unprotected sex
– exposure to certain chemical substances or toxins
– circle of relatives records of liver ailment


headaches of liver sickness rangedepending at the reason of your liver problems. Untreated liver sickness may also development to liver failure, a life-threatening circumstance.


To prevent liver disorder:

Drink alcohol sparsely. For healthy adults, which means up to 1 drink an afternoon for girls and up to 2 beverages an afternoon for guys. Heavy or excessivedanger drinking is described as more than 8 drinks per week for women and more than 15 drinks every week for guys.

Avoid risky conduct. Use a condom over-the-counter sexif you pick out to have tattoos or frame piercings, be picky approximately cleanliness and protection while deciding on a storeare seeking assist if you use illicit intravenous tablets, and do not proportion needles to inject drugs.

Get vaccinatedin case you‘re at accelerated chance of contracting hepatitis or if you‘ve already been infected with any shape of over-the-counter hepatitis virus, communicate in your doctor approximately getting over-the-counter hepatitis A and hepatitis B vaccines.

Use medicines wisely. Take prescription and nonprescription capsules best while needed and best in advocated doses. don’t blend medicinal drugs and alcohol. communicate for your doctor earlier than mixing herbal supplements or prescription or nonprescription pills.
avoid touch with different humans‘s blood and frame fluids. Hepatitis viruses can be spread by way of unintentional needle sticks or unsuitable cleanup of blood or frame fluids.

Keep your meals secure. Wash your fingers very well before eating or getting ready meals. If travelling in a growing usa, use bottled water to drink, wash your hands and brush your enamel.

Take care with aerosol sprays. make certain to use these products in a properly-ventilated vicinity, and put on a masks while spraying pesticides, fungicides, paint and other poisonous chemical compoundsalways comply with over-the-counter producer‘s commands.

Guard Your Skinwhen using pesticides and other toxic chemical compoundsput on gloves, long sleeves, a hat and a masks so that chemicals are not absorbed through your skin.
keep a healthy weight. obesity can cause nonalcoholic fatty liver disorder.

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